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Tyres For Still & Junghe In Rich Forklifts

Royal solid forklift tyres are available for all Indan and imported brands of forklifts. they are offered by a pioneer Indian manufacturer and exporter of solid tyres (est. 1992) from their iso 9001:2008 certified factories.

Linde*, still* & junghe in rich* forklifts, whether counter-balanced / narrow-aisle type, use wide profile tyres mostly with click rim profiles. they also commonly use non-marking (white colored) tyres again with click (also called sit / easy-fit / lip / clip-lck tyres).

Royal solid tyres are available in all variants, say, standard, premium & heavy-duty grades, and in variants: black-standard / black-click / non-mark-standard / non-mark - click.

Special purpose tyres are also available for: heat resistance, oil/chemical resistance, anti-static properties. please write to us giving details of application / usage parameters.



Click/Easy Fix Tyres

The 'Fix' tyres, the 'SIT' tyres, the 'Easy Fit' tyres, the 'Click' Tyres and the 'Clip-lock' / LIP tyres: they all mean one and the same.

The bead portion of the tyre is slightly modified & extended into a small nipple: but this is the most critical portion, as its durability has to be next only to steel in terms of its tenacity. 

Eventually this lip goes to replace the locking ring (made of special  spring steel and hence slightly risky to fit on a solid tyre) in a multi-piece Pneumatic tyre rim.  The lip fits snugly into the space otherwise filled & held by the steel lock-ring.

So, when you are looking to replace the Pneumatic Tyres that come fitted with your new forklifts, you can eliminate the need to fix the lock-ring and instead opt for solid tyres with clip-lock rim profile.

Click Solid Resilient Tyres

We are the leading Manufacturer of CLICK SOLID RESILIENT TYRES and the CLICK SOLID RESILIENT TYRES are the preferred choice of Forklift Original Equipment Mfrs. worldwide, though for the sake of cost, they switch to Pneumatics which are totally un-reliable on intensive & industrial applications.
Solid Resilient Tyres readily replace conventional Pneumatic tyres in forklifts and other material handling equipments; and in most cases, they fit the same rims / wheels that come factory-fitted with Pneumatic tyres. 
Solid Resilient tyres offer unmatched reliability and running cost-savings: they are virtually maintenance free and do not need periodical inflating. They also give optimal fuel-efficiency till their tread is worn out completely.
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